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"Wonderful Facial, My skin feels so refreshedand youngful! Thank you!" - Mika

"Wonderful experience after a stressful week! Absolutely love the pedicure, manicure and facials! Will need to come more often, Thanks Ladies" - Emely

"Excellent Pedi, Mani, and Facial! Just what I needed after a busy week!" - Karla

"Great Experience, Loved the nails, Looks just AWESOME!" - Maggie

"Wonderful- Worth the drive. Thanks
- Sandra Moore

"So relaxing, Loved the experience and will definately be back. Thanks Ladies
- Lara Fuller

"Alexis' 16th Birthday! My nails look off the chain!
- Haley Ferris

"My Birthday Party! Nails look so Fantabulious! : ) Thanks so much!
- Alexis Zanca

"Alexis' 16th Birthday! My Nails look so GOOD! Thanks" - Amanda Levitch

"Alexis' 16th Birthday! I love my nails! Thank you so much!" - Lyndsey Rothschild

"This was very first facial and it was a wonderful experience. I look forward to many more. Thanks Diane!
- Juan Santiago

"This was a very refreshing experience. Thanks
- Imani Dewberry

"i felt so pampered. Thank you for a wonderful day!" - Sharon

"This has been the best pedicure experience I've had! Very relaxing place with no bad smells. Thank you!" - Seher

"My visit ws so relaxing, Best spa I've been to thus far!" - Karen

"Very pleased with my services, I could have stayed and fallen asleep. I did not want to be finish with my treatment." - KJ

"1st time here, felt so welcome, You have an extremely warm envirnment and wonderful treatments!" - Alisan Manzi

"Awesome products and services, Diane is fabulous! Thanks for making my gift to myself so great!" - Michelle Boughnem

"Fantastic pamper me from head to toe!!" - Susan Reed

"Loved the facial/pamper me head to toe, A christmas gift from my husband. Money well spent. Felt Great, thank Steph!!" - Kristi Kiser-Hohler

"It was very relaxing and well-needed. Thank You!" - Danielle McGee

"It feel great and very relaxing. My face feels so clean and healthy. Thank You!" - Shania

"I feel very replenished and relaxed, Thanks!" - Choe Guy

"We had a wonderful afternoon and I'm so glad we were able to get my "bump" off my face." - Lisa McCutcheon

"Thanks for my pedicure girls, it was great!" - Robyn lingaro

"Feels really good!!! I'm glad I finally found this place." - Megan Royes

"The Hollywood facial was wonderful. I will be back to get these more often. I loved my skin after the facial treatment. After my facial I got my Shellac nails, That was also vry great. Will recommend to all my family and friends. Thank you so much I absolutely love this place. Sara P." - Sara Perez

"Diane, Thank you so much for the facial! I truly enjoyed it. I will definately be back for a peel! Lori H." - Lori Heers

"Ashley, This was a wonderful treatment and I look forward to returning! I feel so relaxed and read to continue my work. Thank you for a wonderful experience. Clara K" - Clara Knotts

"I had Hollywood Facial by Diane. It was absolutety incredible! I highly recommend it to anyone. Diane was so knowledgable, I had such an amasing experience. Thank You! Katharine L" - Katharine Leis

"04-29-2011 Stressful day made Wonderful by Kristina. Thank you for turning my day around!" - Charlie

"My Anniversity was coming up and I have no idea what to do, so I got my wife and I a couples massage and facial, then got her a manicure, hoping she would love it. When I surprised her with the gift, she was so happy with me. So I guess the "Happy wife happy life" saying is true. I reccomend this lac to my frineds! Thanks Ladies!" - Mike W

"4/1/2011 My girlfriends and I have been wanting to have a "Spa Day" I truly never thoght we would ever do it because we always made the plans to then cancel them. I am grateful that we choose this facility and were able to come in. We had an mazing time. We felt it was like a flash back to our college years, just us girls, Thank you for allowing us to experience those feelings again. This will be our secret get-away! Stay blessed, TB" - Tracey B

"Really good package deal! Cant Wait to come back and do it again. It was an exellent body treatment, facial and massage! I reall needed the pampering. It was a great end to my stressful week! Thank you, It means alot to me!" - Carla D

"Thanks so much!! I LOVE my Nails, the SHELLAC is a great product. I will be back to keep my nails looking Fabulous!" - Kim

"SHELLAC ATTACK = AMAZING!!! <3 Thank You Diane" - Denise Schmidl

"02-18-2011 I was watching "The Real House Wives of Beverly Hills" and saw they were getting a great facial, When I was looking through the "City Magazine" I saw that they offer the same facial here. So I booked my appointment. I wanted the Hollywood exprience and let me tell you, it was FABULOUS!!! I recommend it to everyone. I feel so pampered, relaxed and rejuvenated. Thank you Facials Unlimited Spa Girls!" - Nancy H

" I am VERY hard on my nails with my work and when I saw Shellac Attack for nails and lasting 2 weeks, I thought to myself, I've gotta see this. Used to do the "other" nail treatment but too hard on the nails and wanted something more natural. I was VERY HAPPY with the results and it WORKS! I am so happy so is my 21 year old daughter who couldn't believe it either!---even the FRENCH! " -

"This was fabulous, Thanks Ms. Ashley." - Brianna Desoza

"11-16-2010 First time at the spa, and I think its my new favorite place. Definitely going to make great Christmas gift for all my girls. Thanks Ladies" - Pamela Self

"11/12/2010 My Experience at the Day Spa was amazing, all the girls were friendly and just super helpful. I also left learning about a new product "Shellac" which I am so excited to try. I can not wait to be back for my next spa treatment, this is definitely a great ambiance full of positive energy and wonderful people. I would definitely recommend it to all my frineds. : ) Thank you P.S Definitely a new begining of a great friendship, See you next week!" - Tatiana

"Today I got a facial and It was so relaxing. I felt like I was going to fall asleep. I will be coming back. 13 year old. 08/11/2010" - Felton

"The facial was a wonderful experience. My face is happy. 08/07/2010" - Katie

"Best Massage I ever had! Thank you! 08/05/2010" - Sandy

"This Place and these people are wonderful, Ashley, Thank you very much, you are amazing. I will be back ASAP. See you soon! 08/05/2010" - Melisa

"This was wonderful! Stephanie did a great facial and I have not felt so relaxed in a ling time! My skin feels wonderful! Also loved my foot massage! 08/05/2010" - Debra

"Excellent Service, Keep it up! 08/04/2010" - May

"I had a great time and learned so much! I've never had a facial but now I might become addicted! I will be back! Thank you, Diane. 7/22/10" - Martha

"I really enjoyed my first facial. Very nice Experience and I hope I can enjoy many more. You were very gentle, kind and made this a memorable experience! Thanks Diane! 07-01-2010" - Irene

"Thank you for the very relaxing facial. It's a great way to keep my skin healthy and I'll be sure to come back. 07-01-2010" - Ariel

"First pedicure EVER!!! Enjoyed the treatment, very professional, relaxing treatment. GREAT atmosphere, Will be back- Thank you so much!07-01-2010" - Linda

"A WONDERFUL peaceful Pumpkin Body wrap! Thank you so much!!07-01-2010" - Chelsea

"Thank You all so much for the WONDERFUL MASSAGE and PEDICURE! I will certainly refer my friends to you and I will hopefully get the chance to come back soon. Thanks again! xoxo!!07-01-2010" - Lanna

"By far the best FACIAL I have ever had! I LOVED IT!!!07-01-2010" - Jenny Kramer

"Everything was great! The atmosphere was very relaxing and the treatments were awesome. I would definitely come again! 06/29/2010" - Mary D

"I had a Wonderful time, Stephanie was Excellent. I feel ready to start my new job on Monday! 06-26-2010 " - Kate Vilches

"What a wonderful experience this has been. The BEST pedicure I have ever had, The Staff are very nice, I will be back! 06-25-2010" - Joanie

"My first Massage Was Excellent!!!" - Nathan

"Thank You so much!! It was a wonderful experience and Stephanie was very professional and gentle! I Will be back and spreading the word! " - Jennifer Batha

"The head-to-toe was wonderful! Thank you for making my vacation amazing. See you next time I am in town!" - J.C

"I had such a perfect relaxing day here at the spa. I cant wait to come back soon. Thank You for everything ladies! 06-11-2010" - Angela

"Thank You for an extremely relaxing and therapeutic facial and pampering session. The attention to detail was Greatly Appreciated! 06/04/2010" - Melissa Gonzalez

"I really enjoyed my mani/pedi combo. My dad picked a Great place!" - Coley

"I work in a spa near the airport, but Facials Unlimited is were I go for a spa experience of my own, done right. THAT SAYS A LOT. You know? :o) Facials Unlimited is clean and courteous..... No employees just standing around or annoying phone calls where clients are, disturbing the quiet. I wish they did hair so I could have a salon experience just as nice. One last thing... they use quality products in the facial room -- Thanks Facials Unlimited!!!!! " -

"It's my first visit to this spa and it has been a wonderful experience. Very relaxing and serene. Learned a few things, very insightful Staff. 04-08-2010" - Eduardo

"Ashley- I loved my facial, It feels Great and so relaxing, that I don't want to leave! 03-09-2010" - Xiomara

"Today I brought my Maid of Honor for a pedicure before my wedding. I really enjoyed the special treatment and It felt like such a warm friendly environment. Thanks so much!! 03-03-2010" - Melissa

"Everything I was expecting and more. Thank you! 07-28-2007" - Holly Roell

"What a lovely environment and peaceful experience. I've enjoyed myself immensely! 07-27-2007" - Kelly

"I feel like a new woman after my massage and pedicure! Wonderful, personalized experience! 07-24-2007" - Laura Sapp

"The spa is beautiful. A little treasure that I am so happy I discovered! 06-29-2007" - Mandy

"I've had such a relaxing,wonderful day. Everyone here is very nice & professional. I'm definitely coming back. Thanks to my hubby for a wonderful gift!" - Jessica

"This was a gift from my children for Mother's Day and I have to say that I have raised them right! Thay knew how to make me a take a break in the most memoral way. The staff and treatments were wonderful!" - Janet

"Very gentle and unhurried, I will return!" - Yvonne

Facials Unlimited Day Spa
Facials Unlimited Day Spa provides a retreat where beauty and wellness walk hand in hand while providing excellent customer service